Ruthless raven


This game was made during my first year at “The Game Assembly”
and it was a project progressing over eight weeks at 50% with a group of ten people.


This is a “Run and gun” game with bow physics, the story is simple, an evil wizard has started to occupying the lands and the wizard has finally taken over the whole forest, but the wizards evil minions trashed this friendly raven’s backyard, this action turns the Raven into a raging bird mode and the Raven sets his sights on the evil wizard.

Worked on:

  • Levels were made with Photoshop and Tiled.
  • Made multiple levels from concept to finished levels.
  • Worked closely with game progression.
  • Worked on the story.
  • Scripted events with XML.
  • Set up Player tests and evaluated the feedback.