Octopus rift




This game was made under my first year at “The Game Assembly”.
You play as Jenny on board the legendary Nautilus, but in the shadows of the depths lurks horrors and puzzles. Will you dive down with Jenny, Captain nemo, all the other crew members and explore the adventurous depths?


Close to this project we Level designers had a Point and click assignment where we used ‘Adventure Game Studio’ to make a game, we used ASG and simple art to make a full playable prototype until the second week of the project, I were the person who was working on the prototype but at the same time everybody else was working on both story as well as the progression we wanted for the player to experience throughout the game. After the second week everybody was working on the game, we had the prototype as reference to our final game but with the new art and an engine that now could show us the current game, we could now better see where we were standing with the game. We did not have any pathfinding at this time, but we used mouse input to quickly transport the player through the rooms, so we could start scripting events and make the conversations work.Work

When we had the first pass done on our game the player could fast-travel through the whole game and this was our game for the next 4 weeks to come, we focused on getting scripted events working and text in conversations correct. The last two weeks was filled with polishing such as blocking out paths for the player character to move on and this was made through XML scripting where we put out coordinates for two points then the box was spawned for that area inside of our game. We added pictures as cinematic footage, made voice-over for all of our characters, to keep the voices funny we went for a one person army, we only used ONE person for ALL of the voices in the game, this by randomly rambling nonsense into the mic and then I added some filters to the track as well as mixing the audio. The voices was well received but also got some negative criticism because we used stereotypes for our characters.