Left 4 Dead 2 – Laketown (Survival)



This level was made during my second year at “The Game Assembly”
and I worked on this level for four weeks at 50% by myself.


At the start of this project I had to early set what type of map I wanted to make, I had already made an Scavenge map which I now knew from the experience was a huge setback for myself, the reason is that I need at least one more player to even playtest the level. I instead focused on the more Single player friendly choice, to make a Survival map. Survival maps are focused on an area where survival is the top priority, the players looks at their arsenal and then what kind of strategic points the map offers and out of that the players skills is put to a test where they try to survive as long as possible. For this I made a Pre-production blueprint to follow, where I mostly were focusing on the mood and a top-down sketch.

The layout itself was done quick but getting the feeling that I wanted for this level were an obstacle, I needed the darkness, particles and props to set the right type of mood that I wanted for the map. I was fairly new to both lighting and particles in Valve’s Hammer engine, so this really put my skills to the test. I had to iterate many times and playtest my level with different players all the time to gather the required feedback. In the early stage the players feedback were that the map was too dark to navigate, but I also noticed that it gave players the chills and panic that I was looking for. But the darkness gave me another problem, players got lost all the time throughout the map. To fix this problem I made the ambient lighting a bit brighter, I color coded the houses with texture or props also for larger areas such as the hotel I added signs to direct the players in their time of crisis.

I got a lot of feedback for re-creating interesting spots or escape routes where I also improved the feedback, for example on the hotel roof I had problem when the players were overrun from either the stairs or the balcony entrance. I increased the height of the lower plateau of the hotel so the players could jump down and for the other side I added a fire escape which I also connected to different rooms of the hotel so players could now escape by jumping or escaping by the ladders to lower floors when the Infected pushed hard from the doors. This gave the players options to take and it was well received by the community and friends who tried the level later on.

To the right can you see a drawn top down of the finished level showing of the different buildings and placement.

Enemies on the level may spawn in houses and outside areas such as the Park, Bay area and the Antenna area. Players start in the middle and has to activate the electricity to start the event.

There are multiple ways to escape pinches in this level as there are many ways to get around, but that also brings it to the enemies which can also appear anywhere to try and stop the players

Download the map at