Last Hope: Zombie war


JE Software’s sequel to their first sniper game for mobile phones.
“Last hope: Zombie War” is not yet released, but will be released for Android.


The game is a “First Person Shooter” and it’s set in a world filled with zombies, corruption and survivors. The player takes the role of a person seeking to gain sanctum in one of the bigger cities of the world, but the only way to get access to it is to serve as the protector of the city.

This game also let’s the player look at the world of Last hope from another angle than before.

Worked on:

  • Multiple level from concept to gameplay ready-state.
  • 3D modeled a modular factory set.
  • Scripted missions, events and enemy encounters using the studios in-house scripting and node system.
  • Helped out with various design choices.


When I started out on a new scene I first made a quick drawing of a top-down level on paper (My focus here were to make the new scene as versatile as possible), then I noted some pointers such as important areas, theme for the level and major areas for intense gameplay, after the paper planning I either used the current art or I made my own placeholders to build up the level, I usually made small change on the way while building up as I got new ideas or thoughts of something more improved.

When I was done with the layout I started setting up the first scenario by using the company’s own in-house scripting and node system for Unity.

With the node system I set up where enemies could spawn and which routes the enemies walked. With the scripting I could control the scenario events such as explosions happening at a certain time, panic civilians or make certain person hostile towards zombies or even the player while playing.

My main priority were to make interesting levels that immersed the player in smaller sessions for the mobile platform.

Work screenshots