Contact & resumé


Name: Christofer Schenström
Adress: Nyköping, Sweden
Mobile phone: +46 (0) 708-570051
E-mail: Chris [a]

Level designer, Head of Social Media (Sozap AB 2017, January – Present)

Sozap AB is a game developer with office in both Sweden and Serbia. They focus on making the best interactive entertainment.

Worked on:

Armed Heist (Released on iOS and Android)

  • My work as a Level designer. [Worked in Unity with some custom editors]
    • Work with scene planning. (Greybox and iterations until finished scene, my focus was on gameplay)
    • First pass animations for vehicles.
    • “Job” mission design.
  • My work as a social media.
    • Discord server set up (Bots and functionality for new community members)
    • Facebook – interactions with fans and page posts of game updates.
    • Twitter – interactions with fans and make update posts.
    • Youtube – interactions with Youtubers.
    • Interact with different sites for reviews and other relations concerning the game release.

Level designer (JE Software 2016 August – 2017 April) [Internship]
JE Software is a small game developer situated in southern Sweden. They focus on making F2P mobile games.

Worked on:

Last hope: Zombie sniper 2 (Released on Android and iOS)

  • My work as a Level designer. [Worked in Unity]
    • Worked on multiple scenes.
    • Scripted scenarios and missions.
    • 3D modeled a factory set.

Podcast host (Äntligen spelmusik 2017 September – Present)
I have my own podcast focusing on music for games, the podcast release a new episode every monday and once each month I invite a composer to talk about their soundtrack they’ve worked on.

  • In less than 1 year I’ve already had over 20+ guests, both composers, developers, artists and music lovers.
    • Magnus Pålsson (Composer of VVVVVV)
    • Rymdkraft (Chiptune artist)
    • Robert Kreese (Composer of Alwa’s Awakening)
    • Douglas Holmquist (Composer of Pinout)
    • and many more…

Level designer (The Game Assembly 2014 August – 2017 April)
Under my two and a half years at The Game Assembly I’ve worked on eight different projects which ended in released games.

  • Worked with project planning.
  • Designed multiple levels for eight different genres.
  • Co-wrote story, voice lines & collaborated with amateur voice actors.
  • Scripted with LUA and XML on multiple projects.
  • Organised play testing sessions and evaluated feedback.
  • Worked with setting up prototypes for multiple projects as mockup.
  • Worked with game design documentation.
  • Followed each project from the very first idea to a finished game.
  • The Game Assembly (2014 – 2017)
           Earned Advanced diploma in Higher Vocational Education in Level design.
  • Excellent analytical skill and knowledge of games and their mechanics. (Both new and old games)
  • Experienced with level design for both Multi player and Single player games for PC and mobile.
  • Experienced working cross-disciplinary during eight different game projects ending in released games.
  • Experienced using version control systems. (SVN)
  • Experienced using project management tools. (JIRA)
  • Experience with programming (C#) as well as visual scripting such as Blueprints for Unreal Engine. 
  • Able to recieve and give constructive criticism.

Below are programs I’ve used and have experience with.

  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Hammer World Editor
  • Photoshop
  • Maya
  • Swedish
  • English