Attack of the killer prawn spawn


This game was made during my first year at “The Game Assembly”
and it was a project progressing over eight weeks at 50% with a group of eleven people.


This games reference was “XCOM”, but with a hillbilly theme. The player starts playing Officer Duncan on a day where hell breaks lose in the country. Duncan saves Hillary and Rodrigez and then escapes the police station. The trio might just be the only people around here who can save this place as the demons are corrupting the lands. 

Worked on:

  • Worked on getting a playable prototype within one week.
  • Made multiple levels from concept to finish.
  • Worked on enemy concepts.
  • Did the narrative and story.
  • Recorded and mixed voices for the game.
  • Fixed connections with the composer who made the soundtrack (
  • Scripted with XML.
  • Balancing Player characters and Enemies.
  • Set up Player tests and evaluated the feedback.