This game was made during my second year at “The Game Assembly”
and it was a project progressing over ten weeks at 50% with a group of eleven people.

  • Nominated as “Best Technical Execution” on Swedish Game Awards 2016.


This is a space shooter action game. The player takes the role as a ‘Seeker’, Seekers were selected to travel across the galaxy to search and collect white space particles, these particles are the last hope for the humankind and their last effort to hopefully gain access to the huge white hole that exists in the middle of this universe and save humanity from the crumbling universe around.

Worked on:

  • Co-worked on multiple level for the game from concept to finish.
  • Helped out with narrative and story.
  • Worked closely with game progression.
  • Worked on Mission design.
  • Worked on concepts for weapons.
  • Worked on concepts for enemies.
  • Scripted events with LUA.
  • Set up Player tests and evaluated the feedback.